Jul 26, 2010

Second season of t-ball!

So Garret just finished his second season of t-ball and it was AWESOME! Garret loved playing ball and had fun with all of his friends. Garret is growing up way to quick and I am not sure how to handle it. My little guy isn't so little any more, he starts kindergarten in a few short weeks. Beginning of a new era for all of us!

Garret wasn't the only one who had fun at the t-ball games. Grace and India played together constantly at the games and were comical together. I love the way Gracie is growing up with her own personality. It has been a fun summer and this year Grace starts pre-school. Oh do I feel sorry for her teacher....

Jun 23, 2010


So the kids are getting bigger and I love watching them play! I am amazed at both Garret and Grace and the type of stuff they like to do. Nothing makes me happier than when I am with my family.

Father's Day!!!

So for father's day we went to a baseball game and we had FUN. Prior to the game they allowed parents and kids out on the field to play catch and all the kids who came to the game were given baseball gloves!

The kids with Sox the Fox! This was truly the highlight of the day for my little one's!